Bill Cosby Uses Twitter to Refute Rumors of His Own Demise

He's not Ghost Dad yet.

Comedian, actor and activist Bill Cosby took to microblogging service Twitter on Monday to debunk internet rumors about his death.

During the afternoon, "Bill Cosby died" was a top trending topic on the site and "Is Bill Cosby dead" was the second ranking topic on Google, according to the New York Post.

Around 4 p.m. though, the man who was once America's favorite dad, communicated directly to his fans.

"Again, I'm rebuttaling [sic] rumors about my demise," he tweeted.

This was not the first time rumors about Cosby's death burned up the internet. In February, he was forced to address the issue in a similar manner.

"As you well know, a dead person cannot rebuttal," he wrote on Twitter. "Therefore, I am rebuttaling to tell you that when I heard the news I immediately began rebuttaling and went into denial."

The funny man, often known for his creative license with the King's English, noted that "rebuttal" was not a verb, but tweeted, "I don't care, because I'm alive!"

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