Bristol Palin Not a Kathy Griffin Fan

Don’t count on Bristol Palin palling around with Kathy Griffin anytime soon.

Sarah Palin’s daughter said in an interview with E! News she viewed the former “My Life on the D-List” host as someone who would “just not be an enjoyable individual to be around at all.”

Months after Griffin joked about the “Dancing with the Stars” competitor’s weight in a comedy routine, Palin said she was more confused than upset by the attention.

"It didn't [hurt my feelings] because it was coming from Kathy Griffin of all people, and I think it just shows her immaturity,” Palin told E! “I don't think that stuff's funny at all. Just very strange."

Earlier this week, Palin told Fox News she hoped "people didn't have to pay money to hear [Griffin's] negativity and criticisms."

Palin famously got the last laugh on her critics by reaching the finals of ABC’s dance competition. She used her “Dancing” purse to relocate to Arizona with son Tripp, has a new boyfriend and is reportedly weighing an offer to co-host a morning radio show.

Palin said she would still accept an apology from Griffin, but didn’t hold back with her own potshot at the comedienne.

“She's had botched liposuction procedures and stuff like that, so…It's just weird that she would pick on something like that for another woman," Palin said.

It was the type of response that, alas, was right up Griffin's alley and could offer material for her new Broadway show "Kathy Griffin Wants a Tony."

After hearing about Palin's interview, Griffin told E! she was "thrilled."

"You know, it's a long time coming," she said Tuesday. "I mean, come on, I dated her baby daddy, I've made fun of her family. It's about time."

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