Dozens Rescued, 100 Evacuated from Missouri Floods

Dozens of people were rescued and scores more evacuated overnight Thursday amid deadly flooding in Missouri, where heavy rains again were falling on saturated ground. The National Guard was called out to help Wednesday amid flooding that had already killed a 4-year-old and a woman believed to be his mother earlier this week, when a tributary swept their car into a creek. Gov. Jay Nixon declared a state of emergency Wednesday and ordered 50 military police to help local authorities, as creeks and the Gasconade River in the central part of the state swelled by more than 10 feet. Southeast of Missouri, heavy rains in Nashville, Tenn., forced police to rescue dozens of people from their homes or vehicles in northern areas of the city after floodwaters there overtook them. A fire department spokeswoman said, however, that the flooding "does not compare to May of 2010 in any way," citing the historic floods that killed 10 people in the city and engulfed downtown after record rains, The Tennessean reported.

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