“Great Gatsby” Film to Be Shot in 3-D, in Sydney

When you think of literary classics of the past century, making them into 3-D flicks isn’t necessarily the first thing that comes to mind, as we have, in the past noted.

But that’s exactly what director Baz Luhrmann (the man behind “Moulin Rouge!” and “Australia”) has in mind for the story of the 1920’s stalwart, according to the Hollywood Reporter.  Rumors have been confirmed that the film will indeed be shot in 3-D.

The crux of the shooting will take place in New South Wales, Australia, though the entirety of the novel takes place in and around Long Island and New York City. The cast, which boasts Leonardo DiCaprio as Jay Gatsby, offers promise. Carey Mulligan has been offered the role of his love interest, Daisy Buchanan.

Pre-production of the film will begin next month.

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