Fashion Designer Marc Jacobs Makes Film Acting Debut

Couturier makes big screen appearance in "Disconnect," jokes to EW about having to wear "worst fitting dad jeans."

mar jacobs disconnect

Fashion, accessories, perfumes... and now acting.

Celebrity fashion designer Marc Jacobs is set to make his acting debut in the new big screen thriller "Disconnect" (in theaters April 12).

Billed as a "dramatic thriller about ordinary people struggling to connect in today's wired world," the movie stars Jason Bateman, Alexander Skarsgaard and Hope Davis, and tackles online fears ranging from identity deception to child pornography. The latter storyline involving Jacob's character.

“My character is Harvey and I run a house for minor [in age] Internet porn," Jacobs, 49, tells Entertainment Weekly, adding "... I’m the sort of father of them in the house — the Fagan of all these wayward kids who come stay in this house. In the end, I’m really not a bad character. I’m actually the one who is protecting them in a way. I’ve taken them off the streets, and they don’t get harmed. They’re doing something that is virtual, though they are talking about sex. But you can look at it two ways. Harvey isn’t a pimp, having them meet up like street hookers or giving them drugs. He provided a home for the kids. But it is sleazy.”

When it came to costuming one of the most famous arbiters of taste and style, things got a little, well, let's just call it ill-fitting.

"... when they had the fittings for the movie, when they saw me, my design team was all in hysterics. I had these really tacky suburban disco shirts with crucifixes embroidered on them, and the worst fitting dad jeans – I never wear jeans anyway – but these were just bad and acid washed with flannel zip jackets sewn to the side. And they put big silver rings on my fingers and earrings. So they just couldn’t stop laughing,” Jacobs revealed in the interview.

It's not Jacobs' first acting gig. He lent his voice to the "South Park" character Muscle Man Marc (one of Cartman's toys) in "South Park."

But don't expect the designer (who helms both his namesake brand and the French fashion house Louis Vuitton) to make a habit of acting.

“I felt grateful to have the experience, and the cast and the crew were amazing, but it was like going into another world,” Jacobs said to EW. “I enjoy new experiences. And it was funny to have a trailer to go to, but I didn’t enjoy the actual tedious acting experience. There were long nights and long days, and it was freezing cold outside. And you know you stand around and wait and you eat a lot of junk food because that’s what there is around — coffee and donuts. So those are not things that are good for me. ... it’s not ever been my dream to act or anything like that. It’s probably the last time I’ll ever do it.”

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