New Year, Old Playbook: 2014 Campaigns Could Resemble 2012's

What little difference two years make. This year's electoral battles are shaping up to look suspiciously like 2012's, with Republicans seizing on the rocky Obamacare launch and casting other races as referendums on President Barack Obama himself, NBC News reported. It's unclear, though, whether focusing strictly on what the GOP insists are his failures will be enough for them to gain control of the Senate or pick up House seats. Republicans appear sensitive to perceptions — and Democratic insistence — that they have achieved nothing in Congress. House Speaker John Boehner tried Tuesday to puncture that narrative by highlighting House-passed bills, most of them partisan, that died in the Senate. But he also underscored the challenge his party faces when he punted on the question this week of whether the House would produce and vote on a Republican alternative to Obamacare in 2014. “It cannot just be about Obamacare,” one GOP campaign veteran told NBC News.

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