Israel to Grill Obama Over Iran Military Strike

Obama Iran Sanctions

President Barack Obama will visit Israel on Wednesday to talk about Iran and the potential nuclear threat the country presents to the world, NBC News reported. Concern is rising over the estimate that Iran will have enough weapons-grade uranium for an atom bomb by mid-2013. Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will ask Obama whether the United States would attack Iran to stop the country from developing a nuclear bomb, according to NBC News. Given the fact that North Korea has a nuclear weapon and has threatened to attack America, Netanyahu wants to know what good are American promises on Iran, according to Israeli analysts. Obama, on the other hand, will ask Netanyahu not to attack Iran without American consent. Although both leaders hope sanctions and political pressure will quell Iran's nuclear pursuit, the future is unclear. Analysts say Israel cannot ignore threats to obliterate it, but the country's military is not capable of destroying Iran’s nuclear program alone. The most peaceful resolution would be a change in regime in Iran or a change of heart by the present fundamentalist Muslim leaders, neither of which is likely, analysts say.

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