Ozzy: “I Never Got Good-Looking Chicks”

Oz says hot rocker chicks weren't drawn to him

The Price of Darkness paid a price for his sinister rep.

Ozzy Osbourne claims that even though he was a big-time rocker with a larger-than-life reputation he never scored any beautiful babes backstage, according to excepts of his new autobiography published in the New York Daily News.

"I never got good-looking chicks," he said in the tome. "We'd get beer bottles thrown at us, not frilly underwear." 

The now-married rocker, who is famous for dabbling in sex drugs and Satanism, wrote in "I Am Ozzy" that he repelled women with his dark music -- and when the band began playing their song "Black Sabbath," females would flee the building.

"All the girls ran out of the venue screaming," he said. "Isn't the whole point of being in a band to get a shag, not to make chicks run away?" 

Ozzy also details the incident in which he bit the head off a bat and a dove. He also describes slaying stray cats and taking a shotgun to a bunch of chickens in a coop, according to the paper. But Oz said he isn't concerned with what others think about his antics.

"One of the few good things about being dyslexic is that when I say, 'I don't read reviews, I mean I DON'T READ REVIEWS," the rocker wrote.

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