Salahis Back Off “View” Fight Story

Sometimes a tap on the shoulder is just that.

"Real Housewives of D.C." cast member Michaele Salahi yesterday backed off her earlier claims that Whoopi Goldberg physically confronted her after an appearance on "The View."

"I never said the word hit," Salahi said in an interview with the New York Daily News after the supposed altercation that took place shortly after she and her fellow cast mates were interviewed about the debut of their new reality show.

According to the Salahis, a "young employee" of the show cooked up the story and relayed it to Goldberg.

"Whoopi says, 'Oh no, you effin' said it,'" Salahi said. "I started to cry."

The incident did not leave a favorable impression with the infamous White House party crasher.

"Those women are b-----s," she said.

The prelude to the fight occurred when Goldberg - who was not onscreen for the "Housewives" cast interview - appeared at the side of the stage, touched Salahi on the shoulder, and asked her if she would go back to the White House.

For her part, Goldberg defended the "choice words" she employed to call Salahi out.

"I told her she knew I didn't hit her," Goldberg said.

The couple is still under investigation for showing up uninvited at a state dinner hosted by the Obamas. They maintain that they were invited to the event.

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