Human Limb Found in Luggage at Bucharest Airport

One Bucharest airport security official made a grisly discovery in a would-be passenger's luggage.

Don't envy the Bucharest airport's security officials their jobs.

Part of a human lower limb was found in a man's luggage when he passed through security at the Romanian capital's international airport, the British newspaper the Telegraph reported, citing AFP.

"The fragment of a human body was discovered during the first security check on the airport, and the owner of the bag was held on the spot," a spokesman for Romania's intelligence service told AFP.

Prosecutors said all possible leads were being examined. Prosecutors, police and criminologists were all sent to the airport upon the grisly discovery, they said.

The owner of the bag was a Chinese national, according to news agency Mediafax.

This isn't Bucharest's first discovery of body parts in luggage. In the 1990s, the bodies of four Chinese people were found inside suitcases, two in a car and two floating in a lake, according to AFP.

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