“SNL” Questions Arias and Castro on Benghazi

Former "SNL" cast member Kristin Wiig returned as host

The Cleveland kidnapping case and Jodi Arias guilty verdict were big news items this week, as was the ongoing Benghazi hearings.  "Saturday Night Live" found an interesting way of bringing the three issues together.

The show began with C-SPAN coverage of a House hearing into the deadly Sept. 11 attack last year in Benghazi, Libya. Upset with the lack of public interest in the incident, Rep. Darrell Issa (Bill Hader) enlisted the help of recently convicted boyfriend killer Jodi Arias (Nasim Pedrad) to boost ratings.

Rep. Elijah Cummings (Kenan Thompson) didn't think Arias would be a viable source of information on the attack, but that didn't stop her from being questioned.

Rep.Trey Gowdy (Taran Killam) asked Arias when she found out about the attack.

"I guess this morning," she said. "Is it still going on? Who do you think did it?"

Before the hearing moved on Issa asked Arias if "that story you told about your boyfriend attacking you, that was BS, right?"

"Oh, totally," she said. "He never laid a hand on me." 

Issa's next speaker was Cleveland kidnapping suspect Ariel Castro (Bobby Moynihan), but he didn't get a chance to speak his mind even though he said he had "a lot to say."

Weekend Update With Seth Meyers touched on Hillary Clinton's ongoing struggles with Republicans over the attacks in Benghazi, the National Rifle Association's attempts to appeal to women and the continued debate on immigration reform.

Meyers also discussed former governor Mark Sanford's special congressional election victory in South Carolina this week. The win came four years after Sanford admitted to lying about his whereabouts to spend time in Argentina with a woman with whom he had been having an affair.

"I bet Sanford tells all the elections they're special," Meyers said.

Meyers was later joined by the Second Hand News Guy, Andy Crispino (Bobby Moynihan), who confused Jodi Arias and Ariel Castro for the Little Mermaid.

"Either way, The little mermaid is going to jail," Crispino said.

Crispino also believed it was "porn" season, rather than "prom." And he accused New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie of wanting to become a stripper and getting "lap dance" surgery. "It's going to help him with his lap dances," Crispino said.

Christie revealed to the media this week that he had "Lap-Band" surgery in February to address ongoing weight issues.

In honor of Mother's Day, Meyers was finally joined by Garth (Fred Armisen) and Kat (This week's host and former "SNL" cast member Kristen Wiig) who sang a few Mother's Day inspired songs.

Celebrities Maya Rudolph and Jonah Hill appeared in Wiig's opening monologue, a parody of the '80s Pointer Sisters hit, "I'm so Excited." The musical guest was Vampire Weekend who performed "Diane Young" and "The Unbelievers."

Next week's host and musical guest will be Ben Affleck and Kanye West.

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