Steve Harvey Takes Over as “Family Feud” Host

One of the "Original Kings of Comedy" is set to make America laugh, in G-rated fashion this time.

Standup comedian Steve Harvey takes the reigns as host of "Family Feud" this week and he's excited about making some changes in the long-running show, reports the Associated Press.

"I bet you there's not a funnier game show on TV," he said, noting that he's already taped 100 episodes. "We've done some pretty incredible stuff so far."

Some of his humor comes from the difficulities families have once they're on stage and facing the pressue to perform.

"You're not the genius you were at home on the couch. Some of these non-genius answers I get to comment on, and they give me plenty of material," Harvey said.

But he's quick to say that he wouldn't let his own family on the show, either.

"No, I cannot expose my family on national TV. There's some ignorance that would come out of the mouths of my family that I might never recover from. My kids could go on "Family Feud," but my brothers, sisters, cousins - no," he said.

He also knows that he has to keep his occasional blue jokes on the shelf for this show.

"After 26 years of being a standup, I know how to work clean. I know how to keep it in the boundaries," he said.

Harvey takes over for the departing John O' Hurley, best known as Elain's bumbling boss J. Peterman on "Seinfeld". He is leaving after four seasons to pursue stage work and other business opportunities.

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