Woman Saved 16 Days After Bangladesh Factory Collapse

Rescuers in Bangladesh pulled a survivor from the rubble of an eight-story garment factory more than two weeks after it collapsed, killing more than 1,000 people. Reshma Begum, a seamstress who is married with a young son, said she "never dreamed I'd see the daylight again" after being trapped in the rubble for about 391 hours. "I heard voices of the rescue workers for the past several days," Begum told private Somoy TV station from her hospital bed. "I kept hitting the wreckage with sticks and rods just to attract their attention. No one heard me." Finally on Friday, a rescue worker heard her groans coming from the basement. Begum said she survived by eating dried food and drinking limited amounts of water from bottles that she had around her. It had been believed that a fire that broke out after the collapse was likely to have killed anyone else in the debris.

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