YouTube Now Renting Out Hollywood Flicks

If you’re craving a website that lets you watch viral videos of baby monkeys and pigs, followed by Oscar heavy-hitters like “The King’s Speech,” YouTube is here to accommodate—the site is adding over 3,000 movies that can be rented and streamed on the site.

Reuters reports that the flicks—mostly mainstream blockbusters—can be rented for around $2.99. Foreign films and indie films will also be included, ranging from 99 cents to $3.99 each.

Much like iTunes, a subscriber has 30 days to view the rented movie. After the movie’s been started, the viewer typically has a 24-hour window in which to complete the film.

Some movie selections include the Oscar stalwarts this year like “The King’s Speech” and “Inception,” and also include classics like “Taxi Driver.”

According to the Hollywood Reporter, YouTube has been streaming movies for free (cost: the small price of ads sprinkled throughout the showing) for over a year.

It looks like they’re hoping to keep viewers longer than the average 15-minute stretch.

Selected Reading: Reuters, THR

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