Jude Law to Talk to FBI About Phone Hacking: Report

Jude Law is talking to the FBI. No, it's not a plot in a movie.

Much like ex-girlfriend Sienna Miller and screen heartthrob Hugh Grant, the British actor is suing News Corp tabloid News of the World for breaking into his voicemail. But this time, the FBI plans on having a chat with the actor because things allegedly went down on U.S. soil, sources tell the BBC

In a law suit filed last week, the Sherlock Holmes actor claims that a News of the World article published on September 7, 2003 took private info from voicemails made by him and his assistant, the BBC reports.

The incident allegedly happened in New York City's JFK airport when the two were using an American phone service, meaning Rupert Murdoch's media empire could face charges in the U.S..

Law is also claiming that another, tabloid, the Sun, broke the law by breaking into his phone for four articles published in 2005 and 2006.

Meanwhile, across the pond,  Sienna Miller and Hugh Grant have come out victorious in their cases. PopEater reports that Sienna Miller got a 100,000 pound settlement and a judge ruled earlier this week that Hugh Grant and his ex must be given  evidence that journalists snooped on the conversations.

The FBI is already investigating whether or not the paper hacked into the voicemails of 9/11 victims. The scandal hit a fever pitch earlier this month when British Prime Minister David Cameron called for an inquiry into allegations that tabloid journalists broke into the voicemails of murder and terror victims in Britain.

So… when are Hollywood writers going to make this dramatic real-life story into a movie?

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