JWOWW Says Her Ex-Boyfriend Was Verbally, Physically Abusive

"He threw my luggage down the stairs...and I went with the luggage."

Thousands have seen Jenni "JWOWW" Farley fight -- physically and verbally -- with cast-mates on the "Jersey Shore," but the reality starlet admitted she suffered abuse off-camera as well.

Last Thursday, Farley opened up about her breakup and relationship with ex-boyfriend Thomas Lippolis on an MTV after-show special, "Jersey Shore After Hours," explaining she was "stressed" from emotional and physical abuse.

"He had control over my life," the tanned TV celeb said about her ex. "I felt like I created that monster. And he was like, 'if you f--- up again I'm going to let your dogs out the back door,' and you know, just let them take off."

"His insecurities got the best of him," she explained. "In Long Island he cut all my friends away from me, my family. I couldn't even go out with my girlfriends to have a drink. He had to be there."

"Jersey Shore"'s Sunday episode chronicled JWOWW's breakup with Lippolis, with whom she is also entagled in a legal battle. Lippolis is claiming Farley owes him $700,000 for work he did as her manager.

The ex-couple's issues are even more complicated, considering Farley recently won a temporary injunction against Lippolis to prevent him from releasing nude photos he snapped of her last year.

At times, Farley explained, the abuse was more than harsh words.

"The day that I left for Jersey, he threw my luggage down the stairs, because he saw clothes in there that weren't acceptable. And I went with the luggage," Farley said. "He pushed me down the stairs and said I can't wait to f--- another [girl] in your bed while you're gone. And I was like, 'get me out of this house.'"

Best friend Nicole Polizzi, aka Snooki, stood by her co-star as she recounted the story, adding that the "Shore" house was "the best thing that could have happened to [Farley]" because she was with her friends instead of her abusive boyfriend.

Lippolis recently said he was never planning on releasing nude photos of Farley and that the reality star "concocted this whole ordeal herself due to the insecurities of me possessing such photos" because it would affect the original lawsuit about his management fees.

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