Seattle Woman Marries Warehouse to Protest Gentrification

Occupy Seattle protester fights one percent in unique way.

An Occupy Seattle protester found an interesting way to protest gentrification on Sunday.

She married an abandoned warehouse, according to a Los Angeles Times report.

The 107-year-old warehouse was recently occupied by protestors who wished to turn it into a community center and use it for free childcare and art displays. Baylonia Aivaz felt so strongly about what the usage of the warehouse should be that she married it before it was demolished to make way for a new luxury apartment building.

Aivaz claimed that the new building would make the Capital Hill neighborhood “even more unaffordable.”

In opposition to a Supreme Court decision that allows corporations to make nearly unlimited contributions to political campaigns, Aivaz felt she could show her love to the building. Before it was too late.

"If corporations can have the [same] rights as people, so can buildings," Aivaz told Seattle's KOMO-TV.

The ceremony was also called a same-sex marriage because Aivaz said the building had a female vibe. It was set up as an event on Facebook by Aivaz and 200 Occupy Seattle protestors attended. During the ceremony, a man played “Lean on Me,” on a Ukulele while a bulldozer sat nearby.

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