Neighbors Want Answers After Peacock Captured On Camera

Neighbors in Dallas' Beckley Club Estates neighborhood want to know who captured a wild peacock in a birdnapping caught on surveillance camera.

Lisa Solis’ home security system shows the images of a man grabbing the bird by its claws Saturday evening along Ramsey Avenue; moments later, a black SUV speeds away.

“People are angry I guess because it’s shocking to see,” Solis said. “Probably because it was in a cruel fashion I think.”

Neighbor Tisha Crear said she heard peahens screaming and ran outside. She saw the bird in the vehicle.

“I run out the front door and I hear the car door slam and I look on the other side of the bushes and I see one of the peacocks, the oldest male peacock – the one with the long beautiful feathers, in a car,” Crear said. “And the guy slams the door and half of the feather are hanging out of the door.”

Crear tried to stop him but couldn’t.

Neighbors, who feed and care for the birds, say the wild peacocks have roamed the neighborhood for years.

“I feel like the whole neighborhood owns the birds because we take care of them and we’ve watched generations of them keep growing and growing, so they’re our birds,” Crear said.

“It’s just sad that someone not only had to do that – cruelness to an animal, but we don’t know what’s going to happen to them with the pecking order,” Solis said.

Neighbors have called police and are hoping for an investigation, but most importantly they want the bird back.

“I just hope that he brings the peacock back so that we can make more peacocks so that the cycle can continue, and that our neighborhood can be safe and so we don’t you know have to start packing,” Crear said.

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