Lemony Snicket's “A Series of Unfortunate Events” Coming to Netflix

Netflix has acquired rights to produce a brand-new original series based on Lemony Snicket's best-selling book series known as "A Series of Unfortunate Events."

"On the search for fantastic material that appeals to both parents and kids, the first stop for generations of readers is 'A Series of Unfortunate Events,'" Netflix said in a statement to Variety. "The world created by Lemony Snicket is unique, darkly funny, and relatable. We can't wait to bring it to life for Netflix members."

Mr. Snicket also spoke out about the news in a statement to the publication. Turns out he's just as excited. "I can't believe it," he revealed. "After years of providing top-quality entertainment on demand, Netflix is risking its reputation and its success by associating itself with my dismaying and upsetting books."

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The series will combine the brilliant minds of Netflix and Paramount Television. If you forgot, Paramount was the studio responsible for bringing the books to the big screen back in 2004.

The film, which exceeded expectations at the box office, starred Jim Carrey, Jude Law and Meryl Streep.

For those who missed out on the beloved books–it's not too late to read them, friends–the series tells the story of Violet, Klause and Sunny Baudelaire, three orphaned children who face challenges at the hands of the evil Count Olaf.

In between their trials and tribulations, the kids also try to uncover the truth behind their parents' death. It's certainly not a Disney fairytale. The books, however, have managed to sell more than 65 million copies worldwide.

Netflix has yet to reveal a streaming date for the series.

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