New “Defendor” Trailer Plays the “Kick-Ass” Card

Woody Harrelson's new staight-to-DVD movie, "Defendor," about a costumed vigilante, has made a noticeable shift in its marketing campaign, casting aside the "mentally unstable do-gooder" angle, for a more freewheeling action-comedy vibe.

There's no avoiding the fact that "Defendor," starring Harrelson, Kat Dennings, Sandra Oh and Elias Koteas, shares a major thematic pillar with "Kick-Ass'" the hotly anticipated superhero comedy -- both are about homemade superheroes with no real powers.

The original trailer for "Defendor" appeared to be a dark comedy about a mentally unstable man trying fighting crime while simultaneously grappling with evil demons. The new "Defendor" is trailer suggests a more straightforward comedy, a la "Kick-Ass."

But while "Kick-Ass" is poised to open April 16 to a very eager audience, "Defendor" is settling for a straight-to-DVD release on April 13.

"Defendor" made its debut at last year's Toronto International Film Festival, and was picked up by Sony for distribution just days later, -- what happened since then to dampen the studio's enthusiasm is anybody's guess.

Koteas' delivery of "Not the lime juice!" and a great cast make "Defendor" worth two hours of our time.

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