Cathedral Catholic Parents Get Calls from SDPD as Investigation Into Parent Accused of Selling Drugs to Students Continues

A 37-count criminal complaint accuses Kimberly Dawn Quach of selling or offering suboxone and Xanax to minors from Jan. 1 to September

Parents across Carmel Valley have begun getting calls from San Diego police as authorities continue their investigation into a Carmel Valley mother accused in a drug scandal affecting students at Cathedral Catholic High School and several other schools in the area.

A 37-count criminal complaint accuses Kimberly Dawn Quach of selling or offering suboxone and Xanax to minors from Jan. 1 to September, as well as giving at least 10 teens marijuana to sell, package or transport.

As the investigation unfolds, some Cathedral Catholic parents have been speaking with law enforcement officials. 

NBC 7's Rory Devine reports on a scandal involving a mother selling marijuana and prescription drugs to high school students.

Mary Larkin, one of those Cathedral Catholic parents, said Quach hosted parties at her home on Aster Meadow Place. Her daughter, a senior at the school, was on the guest list for one of the parties -- but never went. 

"I think they wanted more information in general, if they knew anything to contribute, if our daughter or son was a witness or victim," Larkin told NBC 7.

Multiple neighbors recalled raucous teenage parties at her home, leaving lingering questions about whether Quach's home is the place named in the complaint that she allegedly used to sell, giveaway and use drugs.

Many of those neighbors also expressed disbelief about the alleged involvement of the mother. 

"I'm shocked, like I said," said one neighbor, who wished to remain anonymous. "It's just busy; there are five different cars -- for how many people live there, so many cars." 

Other students from nearby schools are involved in the investigation, according to a letter sent to parents last Friday. 

It reads, in part:

"Recently, the parent of a CCHS student was arrested and charged with the sale and possession of illegal drugs and other controlled substances.  The investigation that triggered that arrest is ongoing and affects Cathedral Catholic and other high schools in the area.

As part of that effort, San Diego Police and the District Attorney’s Office are directly contacting a number of CCHS families to ask for their help. Officers working the case believe there are CCHS students who may be witnesses or who may have information that would assist their them."

The Vice Chancellor for the Diocese Kevin Eckery said it was put that way in the letter “because the information from the district attorneys office is that there are other schools involved.”

Eckery said it is unclear whether the drugs were sold on Cathedral’s campus or elsewhere.

He said it was not his place to name those schools.

The Superintendent of the San Dieguito Union High School District (SDHSD) said in a statement he is “unaware at this point of any involvement by students from his district.” The statement added that the district has not been contacted by police.

The principal at Canyon Crest said his school is not involved.

NBC 7 has reached out to other schools and is waiting to hear back.

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The allegations have prompted CCHS parents to have conversations with their kids.

"We realize drugs are prevalent everywhere, we just hope she has common sense to realize it and doesn't fall into it," said Barbara Lomax.

No one answered the door at the 48-year-old suspect's home.

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Quach is in jail on $200,000 bail. She and her attorney denied requests for interviews Wednesday.

If convicted, she could face 60 years in prison. 

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