New: Disneyland Resort Pineapple Cotton Candy

Find the stick-to-the-fingers, whimsical dessert at Disney California Adventure Park.

Spring is not only around the corner, it is kind of already on this side of the corner, facing us, in our sphere, what with this sunshiny, bluebird-esque, flowers-a-flowerin' kind of weather.

And spring's start, which is officially on March 20, can give us a hankering for the most refreshing and tropical of treats. 

Say, like a Dole Whip, or Dole Whip Float, delicious and tangy foodstuffs that are as iconic as the sign found at the entrance to Adventureland.

It so happens that's exactly where the famous soft-serve sweets can be famously found, but there's a new pineapple dessert game in town, and it is already making fingertips around Disneyland Resort mighty sticky: pineapple cotton candy.

First thing to note, for those who've downed about 90 Dole Whip Floats while waiting for the show to start inside Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room over the decades, is this: The cotton candy, which may be found at the outdoor vendors around Disney California Adventure Park, is not from Dole.

So it doesn't have the Dole handle, in short. But the zippy flavor of pineapple is there, as are all of cotton candy's many charms, from its ability to stay on your hand well after you're done (a total plus) to how it is just so dang meltable against the roof of the mouth (also a plus).

Oh, and three? Cotton candy goes fast, fast as the "5,4,3,2,1!" countdown at the start of California Screamin'. Its fleeting nature is kind of magical, really.

Good thing, then, that the Disney Food & Wine Festival is on through Sunday, April 16, and at the very same park serving the pineapple cotton candy: Disney California Adventure.

Go have your gourmet meal, attend a demo, and then round it off with the tropical, fairy-floss dessert.

Another good thing to note? While you can take your cotton candy into Disneyland, after buying it at Disney California Adventure — see photo above — you definitely need to get it at California Adventure first. That's where it is sold.

And yet one more good thing to note in the whole Disneyland-pineapple-deliciousness nexus? You don't have to enter Disneyland Park to find your Dole Whip or your Dole Whip Float.

The Coffee House at Disneyland Hotel has both on the menu, with one notable, adults-only addition: You can request rum in your Dole Whip Float.

Well, it is by the swimming pool, and all of those swaying palms, and steps from the center of all island-style sips at the resort, Trader Sam's.

As José, one of the feathery stars of Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room, might say, "olé, applause, applause!"

Pineapple time is truly here, with spring now very much on our sides. Look no further than your next towering, wrapped-around-a-cone pineapple cotton candy, in Anaheim.

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