Rumor: New IPhone 5 Lacks NFC

A photo from an iPhone prototype doesn't appear to have near-field communications, the necessary component for e-wallet transactions, a report said.

The pictures by Sonny Dickson show that the prototype seems to have no NFC chip, quelling rumors that the iPhone would supposedly be able to partake in wireless pay transactions, according to AppleInsider.

Others have claimed the next iPhone wouldn't have an e-wallet function, also called radio frequency identification, something different from the phones running Google's Android. However, a previous report from AppleInsider pointed out that Passbook , a new feature on iOS 6, doesn't necessarily need NFC to function. So, maybe Apple had second thoughts?

Whatever the reason -- and this is all based on rumor of an alleged new iPhone prototype -- it does seem a bit strange that Apple wouldn't choose to compete with Android's e-wallet. The news is even more puzzling when Apple has been rumored to be working on NFC for the iPhone  for the last 18 months.

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