Google Surprised By Nexus 7 Demand

Sometimes Google knows what people want, and sometimes it gets it wrong. Google thought most of its customers would flock to its 8GB Nexus 7 tablet, but instead they wanted a more powerful 16GB device, a report said today.

Google underestimated the demand of its 7-inch tablet which has almost sold out in its $249 16GB form, while the $199 8GB version isn't selling as well, the Guardian reported. The company reportedly cut orders on Google Play in both the United States and the United Kingdom and put the 16GB version on hiatus.

Apparently, would-be buyers are now being told it's "Coming Soon" and are given an option to be notified when the version is available. According to the report, it says that Google fumbled because it thought buyers would want the cheaper version, but instead wanted more storage because it couldn't be upgraded.

Google's first venture into the tablet business should be termed a success, especially since demand for the device is high. We anticipate that this should be no more than a temporary problem for the tech titan.

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