Nick Cannon Forced to Quit Radio Show For Health Reasons

Ongoing health concerns have sidelined the radio personality.

Ongoing issues with his health have caused Nick Cannon to slow things down a little bit.

The 31-year-old husband of Mariah Carey, who was recently hospitalized for "mild kidney failure," stepped down from his radio show "Rollin' with Nick Cannon" on New York's 92.3 NOW station.

"Under doctor's orders, I have been asked to put my health first and cut back on some of my professional commitments in order to allow my body to get the rest that it needs to keep up with the demands of my multi-tasking schedule. Even Superman has to sleep," said Cannon in a statement.

In addition to his kidney problems, doctors discovered that Cannon had formed blood clots in his lungs, and had an enlarged ventricle in his heart.

"I did have some major issues with my kidneys, along with some other stuff. But really I had just overworked my body. The doctors had to reboot my entire immune system, and I'm working through that now," Cannon said on his show. 

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