Nick Goepper's Valentine Request Yields YouTube Serenade

Just two days after slopestyle skier Nick Goepper invited the women of the world to compete for a "dream date" with him, a promising candidate has emerged.

A women, identified on her YouTube page as Lauren Borkowski, has apparently pleased the American bronze medalist with a video serenade.

In it, Borkowski in a tan winter hat plays the ukulele along to a song she wrote:

"Oo Nick Goepper I'm coming in switch I'd do anything to do be the girl you pick; oo Nick Goepper it's never too late for you to take me on a Valentine's date."

Goepper shared the video on his Twitter page with the message, "This is going to be a hard one to top."

The stakes are high for those responding to the 19-year-old's Valentine's Day proposal. He had promised to fly "one lucky girl" out for a date. The prize goes to whoever submits the "most creative" response.

Since winning the Olympic slopestyle skiing bronze, Goepper has been taking advantage of his new celebrity platform and casting a wide net for romance.

He also took to Twitter to ask singer Taylor Swift to date him, emphasizing his Olympic credentials. NBC Olympics also tried to help get Goepper's message to Swift, but so far, the seven-time Grammy Award-winning country singer has not publicly replied.  

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