No More Boring Facebook “Look Back” Videos

Facebook promised it would let users edit their Facebook-generated "Look Back" videos, so they could edit out cat pictures or potentially embarrassing snaps.

Facebook has now given the its 10th anniversary video generator an edit button that may eliminate exes or sad pics, according to TechCrunch. However, don't become overwhelmed, because the edit button allows you to merely to choose a few different pictures and status updates rather than a full array.

To edit or change, simply head to the Facebook Lookback page. Follow these directions:

  1. Use browser to hit "Edit" button on right-hand corner of screen.
  2. Choose photos or posts from the selections presented.
  3. Hit "Update" (we didn't have this button but TechCrunch did) or just press the arrow  to see your new video.
  4. Click "Share" to share a copy to your news feed. 

We sure people are still not 100 percent happy with the video, but at least now they appear to do something other than take cat pictures and drink alcoholic beverages.

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