Nokia Plans an IPad Competitor

Amid shrinking market share for its mobile phones, Nokia is hinting that it may take a run at the tablet market, according to

Citing an article in the French financial trade Les Echos, Nokia is looking at the summer of 2012 to launch a Windows 8-based iPad competitor.

With well above 90 percent of the tablet market belonging to Apple, any new competitors face an existing, uphill battle.

Paul Ensallam, head of Nokia France, said explicitly "In June 2012, we will have a tablet that runs on Windows 8." (That's more than a hint.)

Nokia uses Windows 7 for its mobile devices, so a migration to 8 makes sense. A migration into the tablet market? Let's hope they ran the opportunity cost against it.

Amazon's Kindle Fire is getting decent reviews, as well, as a low-price, quasi-competitor to iPad.

HP has also indicated that it'll use the newer Windows OS for a tablet. Once new CEO Meg Whitman reversed course on HP's mobile assets, looks like a few new devices will be on the shelves.

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