Official “Dark Knight Rises” Teaser Poster Revealed

It's a shame that most city residents never look up, because their skyline might be forming a badass bat signal right above their unsuspecting heads.

The first official poster for "The Dark Knight Rises" is out, and it's a beauty. Keeping with Christopher Nolan's minimalist teaser campaign (remember "Brooding Batman" and "Why So Serious"?), it shows you just a hint of the thematic weight of the movie (a city in crisis) without tipping its hand too much.

Now, of course, we want a teaser trailer.

Not that we expect a teaser trailer to give us much more than the poster, because unlike some Nolan understands the concept of "teaser." We don't need plot, just flavor. Rewatch the "Dark Knight" one and tell us it still doesn't bring the goose pimples...

It was so well done, The Avengers just straight up jacked it wholesale.

We've got a poster, we've got a look at Bane, now make with the cryptic voice-overs and stylized graphics, Nolan.

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