Only Half of iPhone Users Like Siri

About half of iPhone 4S users really like Siri, according to a recent study, and nearly all use Siri at least once a month.

In a survey of 482 iPhone 4S users, consulting group Parks Associates found that most people use Siri to make calls or send text messages. About a third of the respondents use Siri daily or nearly daily.

However, Siri's other services aren't as utilized, according to the Wall Street Journal. Few use Siri to play music or schedule meetings -- about a third had never done so. Whether this is based on trusting a new technology or frustration with the app itself is unknown. Press:Here has written previous stories where users expressed annoyance at being misunderstood or that Siri tends to be busy or unavailable. One man even is even suing Apple over "false advertising" surrounding Siri.

Either way, respondents were not shy about expressing their opinions on Siri, which tended to be polar opposites. Many thought it marvelous, while others found it "very disappointing." The survey concluded 55 percent of respondents were very satisfied with Siri while 9 percent were unsatisfied. Apparently the rest fell in between the categories.

Not surprisingly, Apple declined to comment on the survey.

What we get from this is that Siri was a great concept, but it didn't quite deliver on the promise that it initially showed. That's not surprising for a beta testing but not in a final product. We think Siri will likely be more stable in its next incarnation.

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