Opening Soon: V Palm Springs Hotel

The chic resort will debut just ahead of the Coachella Music & Art Festival.

CONTEMPORARY DIGS IN THE DESERT: Much is written about "Coachella style" each spring, so much so that even the word "much" might be a bit of an understatement. But whatever festival attendees wear, or do, or how they fashion their hair or post to social media, all contain a single something in common: There's a breezy, off-the-cuff, pretty-dang-relaxed method to everything that goes down around the Indio extravaganza. The quickly thrown-together denim-and-muslin ensemble, the hasty side ponytail, the last-minute skipping of a better-known act to catch a brand-new band... you can't look like you're trying all that hard at the springtime festival. But there's one huge, blinking, write-it-in-neon exception: You need to line up where you're staying way, way in advance. How "way in advance" is up to various attendees, but hotel rooms go, and the boutique hotels, those that cater to that Coachella vibe, go in stunningly fast fashion. Breathe a sigh, though, desert travelers looking for a fresh stay-over that'll be as new as the new acts debuting at the April songfest: V Palm Springs will open in the former Curve Palm Springs Hotel & Resort right before the whole denim-and-side-ponytail-and-new-band bash gets rolling. 

THE BOUTIQUE DESTINATION... comes be-pool'd, of course, and be-fire-pit'd, and be poolside-bar'd, which are three requisite items when you're talking about a desert getaway that's got au courant cred. It's not big, but you probably won't bump into the same three people the whole time you're there (so, yes, if you guessed 140 rooms, you're on the money). "LA-based celebrity lawyers Mark Geragos and Brian Kabateck" are the new owners (Mr. Kabateck resides in town) and Filament Hospitality are doing the full-service management helming of the property, which will rock a "Garden of Eden-esque vibe." As for the visuals and hues? Desert tones rule, but so do chevrons, which will appear around the property in various motifs. If a South Palm Springs stay is in the cards for you, and Coachella is, too, or Restaurant Week in late May and early June, or the Modernism Preview Weekend in the fall of 2016, and a boutique-y place is what you've got in mind, and you like trying stuff out before all of the other try-stuff-out-ers arrive, keep March 2016 on the calendar. That's the opening month for the new hotel in the '60s-era structure on E. Palm Canyon Drive.

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