Creepy or Cool? Orange County Hoodies Art Installation Draws Interest

An art installation in front of an Orange County City Hall has people scratching their heads. Five statues, all hooded up, have people talking.

One statue is cooking a hot dog, while another one vacuuming.

Most people don't know what to think, and none of the residents NBCLA spoke to guessed the meaning behind the mannequins.

Tom Strainer, a visitor, asked, "So, is this kinda like an arts exhibit?"

However, it's one eye catching art installation in front of Laguna Beach City Hall grabbing everyone's attention.

"It looks like William Tell versus Mike Diamond the Plumber here," a man named John said.

An art loved named Mitch Goldstein said, "Looks great, love it."

Some love the art installation, while others seemed baffled.

"I don't know what to think," Mike Smith said. "I'm not quite sure."

All this curiosity and confusion was curated by artist Mark Jenkins. His temporary display called "Caretakers" features hooded mannequins covered head to toe in various poses.

"This is about global warming," Laguna Beach City Councilman Peter Blake said. "The covered faces are meant to shield you from the sun. This person, it's so hot that they're able to cook a hot dog in the sky."

Heated also describes some of the reaction. Dozens of angry residents posted on Facebook.

One woman wrote, "Poor choice of art. I think of it more as a creep show!"

"My constituents are alarmed by it," Blake said. "They're not quite sure if this is proper in front of City Hall. They don't think it's art work worthy of our community."

The city, along with art lovers, are standing by these hooded strangers. If it got you talking, well, its serving its purpose.

"Art is meant to push our boundaries," Blake says.

Bill Tuoh, an art lover, offers, "Anybody that doesn't like it, just put up with it for a month."

The art installation is on display until Oct. 18.

City leaders say the art project it's worth about $25,000 and paid for by hotel tax dollars.

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