Over 433,000 Excedrin Bottles Recalled Due to Faulty Packaging

Child-resistant packaging for aspirin and acetaminophen is required by the Poison Prevention Packaging Act (PPPA).


Some bottles of Excedrin will be a headache for customers who purchased a bottle of the drug with a hole in the container.

On Wednesday, GSK Consumer Health recalled over 433,000 bottles of Excedrin due to failure to meet the child-resistant packaging requirement. The holes in the bottom of some Excedrin bottles are potentially a serious hazard to children, as they could access and swallow the over-the-counter drug, posing a risk of poisoning.

There were five different brands of Excedrin named in today's recall, including Excedrin Migraine Caplets, Excedrin Migraine Geltabs, Excedrin Extra Strength Caplets, Excedrin PM Headache Caplets and Excedrin Tension Headache Caplets. So far, no incidents or injuries have been reported due to the faulty packaging.

On their website, Excedrin is asking consumers to check their bottles for holes, which are likely to be around the base of the bottle.

"While the likelihood there are bottles on the market with holes is low, we are asking anyone who has purchased large-sized Excedrin (50 count and above) to check their Excedrin products and if there is a visible issue, contact GSK Consumer Relations at 1-800-468-7746 for a full refund," said the company. "If your Excedrin bottle is not damaged, the product is safe to use as directed on the label."

The bottles in question were sold at pharmacies, department stores, grocery stores and online from March 2018 through September 2020 for between $7 and $18. There was no explanation given on what caused the holes in some of the bottles.

Earlier this year, Excedrin temporarily halted production of two of its popular medications, Excedrin Extra Strength and Excedrin Migraine, due to inconsistencies in ingredients.

Customers who suffer migraine headaches were at a loss as Excedrin is the go-to medication for many who suffer from the debilitating headaches. Though those products, Excedrin Migraine and Excedrin Extra Strength, have been brought back to market.

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