The Downfalls of Owning a Frank Lloyd Wright Home

Does owning a creation of the legendary architect outweigh the drawbacks?

Despite the excitement and prestige of owning a FLW home, there are certain pitfalls, reports the Wall Street Journal. There are exactly 20 on the market as we speak.
Remember Sharon and Lawrence Tarantino? They own a FLW home in Millstone, New Jersey, and experiencing some major flooding issues. The couple hopes to sell the home to a buyer who will ship the home to Italy
But flooding isn't the only headache experienced by FLW buyers. Designs unique to FLW architecture, like small kitchens and closets, and a lack of what Wright deemed unnecessary space, are challenges when it comes to living and repairing. 
It's challenging to renovate the homes while maintaining Wright's innovations, like radiant-floor heating, carports, built-in furniture and soaring clerestory windows. Plus, the Wright conservancy holds permanent easements on 16 private Wright residents, restricting exterior alterations. 
So owners who are enthusiastic about owning a piece of architectural history often find themselves losing millions on repairs that aren't paying off in a sell. Still, as the Wall Street Journal points out, "Many owners of Wright homes believe the pleasures of dwelling in a legendary architect's creation far outweigh any drawbacks."
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