Pandas in HD

The San Diego Zoo stars get upgraded.

San Diego Zoo

CUTE CAM: How many web cams do you have bookmarked? A few? A dozen? And do you visit them often? We can't say we do. Well, we like to look in on Old Faithful now and then, to see if we've caught the geyser in action, but too often a web cam is a tad too grainy. Or there's something obstructing the view (tree branches, etc.). This is definitely not the case with the San Diego Zoo's spanking new shiny Panda Cam. What makes is spanking, new, and shiny? It's in HD. Now, if you think, well, really, what kind of difference will high definition make, check it out. It's pretty stunning actually. It's like you're in the pen with the pandas (do not actually ever attempt to get in the pandas' pen, please). It's really clear and it is nearly like being at the zoo itself, save the slushy-type drink in your hand.

A FEW EXTRAS: Jungle Bells is now open at the zoo. Oh, and if you have a serious panda person in your life, and they own an iPad, this might be a fun e-stocking stuffer.

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