Twitter: Too Many Tweets, Too Few Followers

Wall Street investors are trying to figure out why Twitter's growth seems to be stalling, so Deutsche Bank polled 1,100 users and found out that people found it difficult to get information or was too confusing.

Eight-two percent who quit said they were already getting their information from another source, while another 77 percent said "there was no useful information on Twitter," according to Quartz. Seventy-six percent also said there were too many tweets to sort or filter.

Other reasons varied from forgetting to have a Twitter account to less photo-sharing, to not having enough contacts on the social network.

Still others said the would come back if Twitter would address some of these concerns, namely filtering and sorting the barrage of tweets and ease photo-sharing. Unfortunately, the biggest reason people left the service (58.5 percent) seems to be that they had less than 10 followers.

With such little engagement, it makes sense they would go elsewhere where they felt they belonged or at least had friends. This is a much more complex problem for Twitter than filtering or sorting tweets. How does a company get their users to be friendlier? Once Twitter can solve that, then it will have no problems growing.

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