”Confidant” of Steve Jobs Sues Apple

A man claiming to be a close personal friend and business associate of the Apple founder is suing the company.

The man reportedly responsible for Siri and for the ways in which iPhones and iPads were introduced to the world -- Apple founder Steve Jobs's now-iconic public presentations -- wants what's his: a bite of the company.

Wayne Goodrich was promised a job at Apple for life by the late Jobs, a just reward for rendering services like introducing the Siri voice-activated technology to the company, according to a lawsuit Goodrich filed against his former employers.

Goodrich says he was fired in December against wishes expressed by Jobs prior to his death in October 2011, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

Jobs promised Goodrich a position at Apple long term in March 2005, the newspaper reported. Jobs died in October 2011 from a rare form of cancer.

Apple employees did not comment on the lawsuit.

Goodrich says he was the first Apple employee to meet with the company which developed Siri, and he was also instrumental in developing the keynote speeches that Jobs used to introduce iPhone and iPad, the newspaper reported.

Goodrich is seeking the return of restricted stock options, which were worth $97.40 when he was granted them in 2008, and $635 as of this week, the newspaper reported.

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