Phone Calls From Google+ Activated

The Google+ team is pumping out feature upon feature, making the service a go-to for video conferencing.

That said, you can only call one person at a time, but, come one, most everyone is going to be in a hotspot and using their phone's camera anyway, right?

Google Voice is plugged into G+ functionality, apparently, and it's another step in a Google-Only approach to connectivity and utility on the web.

Remember, it was not terribly long ago that Google Docs was folded into the G+ folder, too.

Here's what the G+ team unleashed on its blog:

To dial in someone:
- When you’re in a hangout, click on the “Invite” button and then on the “+telephone” link.
- Enter the number you want to dial, and hit “Add.” (Note: You can only call one number at a time. Dialing a second phone number will replace the existing call.)

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