Innocent Driver Caught in Middle of Chase Speaks to NBC4 After Pursuit Driver Hops in Backseat

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An hourslong chase ended in the passenger and driver getting detained by law enforcement after they had hopped into a man and woman's car in Bell.

The duo had flagged down Rudy Lopez and his mom in their black sedan, after the pursuit duo ditching the black Honda they were traveling in.

An hourslong pursuit finally ended with two men in custody after they flagged a woman down, got in her backseat, and apparently told her to drive Aug. 7, 2020. Note: This clip has no audio.

Lopez said the men seemed calm, and they figured they'd do a good deed, so they let them in the car.

Then they heard the sirens.

Shortly after they let the duo in, the pair hopped out of Lopez's car and ran.

It wasn't much longer after that they were detained in the area of Wilcox and M Florence in the city of Bell.

The car involved in the chase was registered to a residence in Fontana.

It wasn't immediately clear what charges the pair may face.

The chase started just after noon over a broken tail light in Upland, officials said.

At various points during the two-hour chase, the driver pulled over, and tried to open doors of different vehicles.

At one point, someone handed them a package as they stopped on the street.

Authorities had also pulled off the chase at various points, and went into tracking mode, as the driver appeared agitated.

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