Poll: Meg Tops Steve on Jobs Issue

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I suppose it's like when kids are arguing at a restaurant. Just as the entrees are being served, the parents hear it from their son, "You're a liberal."

Their daughter snaps back "No, YOU'RE a liberal."

The son can barely get through his "Yeah? Well you're immigration policy is like Barack Obama's..." when Mom and Dad shoot a glare over to the kids that could stop a train.

Mom and Dad put their forks down for a second,and look around the restaurant. For a second, the other diners looked over, but they see it's just kids, and they turn back to their meals. They all know it's just noise, and they know the argument really isn't about liberals or immigration.

In a state with unemployment levels hovering at 12-percent, this is about jobs. And when it comes to jobs, a new poll shows voters think Meg Whitman is going to be a bigger help.

Over the past several weeks, Whitman and Steve Poizner unleashed withering TV attacks on each other, many with Poizner aiming at Whitman's immigration stance. When the immigration issue suddenly went white-hot, it appeared Poizner was making up ground.

Polls narrowed, and camp Poizner looked like it had some momentum. But faster than a waiter can refill your water glasses, it looks like voters may realize immigration is a tough issue, a federal issue, and an emotional issue, and there's only so much any governor can do about that.

Jobs is another matter.

A new LATimes/USC poll out today shows Whitman reestablishing a sizable lead, and it appears that lead is built, at least partly, on jobs. Overall, Whitman is leading Poizner in the poll 53% to 29% (13% stated they didn't know, and the other 5% chose other candidates).

And a lot of that comes from voters seeing Whitman as a better choice to spur job creation in our over-idled state. On that question, those polled chose Whitman 55% to just 16% for Poizner. And that's going to be tough for Steve Poizner to turn around, not in the remaining few days before the election. But all is not well in Meg's world.

The poll also shows her trailing Democrat Jerry Brown in the general election. And that may be because of the attack ads that are on TV more than Ellen DeGeneres. But that election is a long way away. Polls are likely to swing up and down for quite awhile and we're likely to hear a lot more arguing before dessert gets here.

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