Pot-Bellied Pig Stench Causes Neighborhood Ruckus

A foursome of pot bellied pigs in a Murrieta backyard pits owners against neighbor due to the stench

The stench coming from Moo, Hoot, Quack and Ribbet, a foursome of pot-bellied pigs living it up in a suburban neighborhood backyard, has neighbors fuming mad.

Joey Fondren has complained that the smell of urine and feces and the swarm of flies coming from the Murrieta home makes it so unbearable that he can't enjoy his own backyard.

Fondren claims the stench is driving down property values in this neighborhood of two-and-three bedroom houses, which sits at the southern edge of Riverside County.

City rules say residents can own up to four pigs if they are under 80 pounds with no limit on the number of piglets up to four months old. Fondren complains that his neighbor has continually violated the rules.

Code enforcement officers make regular visits to the home and have cited the owner for the smell.

The owner, Vinnie Engen, said he has created a pen in the yard that prevents the pigs from getting to within 10 feet of the property line. He said he cleans up the mess twice a day, seals up the waste well and puts the garbage can out front, away from residents.

He also said he's looking to move because he feels harassed.

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