What We Learned From the State of the Union Address

President Barack Obama made sweeping statements during his State of the Union address but presented relatively modest policy proposals, according to NBC News. Declaring that he wouldn't wait for Congress to take action, the president said 2014 could "be a breakthrough year for America." Here are some takeaways from his speech: Modest reform: Most of Obama’s “concrete, practical proposals” to help the economy were small in scope. Projects he mentioned would improve access to broadband, create retirement savings bonds and reform federal training programs. Advertising Obamacare: Rather than apologizing for the rocky launch of the HealthCare.Gov site last year, the president encouraged youth to sign up for his signature healthcare law and urged Republicans not to vote to repeal it. Soft on Immigration: Only a paragraph of his 20-page speech discussed immigration reform, a move perhaps aimed at not complicating efforts by House GOP leaders to work on a solution.

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