By the Numbers: Puppy Bowl 2015

For many, the Super Bowl is a time for sports fans to gather in their living rooms to cheer on their favorite teams. But for those who have a bone to pick with sports, Super Sunday is a marathon day of watching cute puppies nuzzle against footballs in Animal Planet's annual Puppy Bowl. We've unleashed a list of fetching numbers for those of you who prefer bowls of kibble to buckets of Gatorade. Here's a look at “Puppy Bowl XI” by the numbers:

85: Total rescue puppies, with 55 puppies in the starting lineup. This is the largest group of puppies ever featured. There will only be 12-15 puppies on the field at a time, and each puppy is 12-21 weeks old. This is also the first year the game will have a scoreboard and the puppies will play on two teams: Team Ruff and Team Fluff. 

90: Total number of hours filming the puppies for two days in New York. Unlike the Super Bowl, the Puppy Bowl event isn’t live. The show will air for 12 hours from 3 p.m. to 3 a.m., making 6 repeats after the first show. The 3 p.m., 5 p.m., and 7 p.m. shows will all feature a different MVP (most valuable puppy) at the end of each show depending on how the live audience votes online.

15: Pounds of dry dog food on hand to fuel the "players." Organizers also have one case of wet dog food and two cases of water for bowls on and off the field.

20: Dog toys donated by 6 different companies. Look out for a green football, rope toys, stuffed bones and rubber chew toys.

8: Dogs in the barking lot, for tailgating... pun intended. 

13.5 Million: The number of viewers who tuned in to the 10th Anniversary of Puppy Bowl. Even President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama, with First Dogs Bo and Sunny, were involved in the anniversary!    

1,200: Puppy pads used, along with 12 rolls of paper towels and 315 poo bags for cleanup. 

17: Cameras used to film the event, including Go-Pros. The broadcast features three unique cameras during the game: water bowl cam, slow motion “Too Cute” cam, and kiss cam.

21: Kittens "purrforming" during the halftime show in the control room. Six pounds of cat litter will be used for the “Katty Furry” brand-new Bissel Kitty Half-Time Show.

5: Nigerian Dwarf Goats that will shuffle on the sidelines as cheerleaders. Five hamsters were also taped flying inside the Twizzler Biplane taking aerial shots of the stadium. 

3: "Bowls" competing with the Puppy Bowl. Nat Geo Wild will air “Fish Bowl I” for the first time. Hallmark Channel is bringing back “Kitten Bowl II” and NBC is home to the show’s biggest competitor, “Super Bowl XLIX.”

37: Shelters and rescue groups, which represent 20 states, including California, Florida Nevada, Iowa, South Carolina, Texas and even Puerto Rico.

29.6K: The number of Twitter followers Meep the Bird, Puppy Bowl’s official parakeet who reports from the sideline, has gained. Follow him @meepthebird.

11: Years the Puppy Bowl has aired since its debut in 2005. The first show was a 12-hour montage of dogs playing on the field with no commentary or even sponsor ads around the stadium.

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