Revel in Wonder at San Diego's Nighttime Zoo

Acrobatic amazement and beautiful beasties fill this warm-spirited San Diego Zoo event.

THE SUN GOES DOWN, rather predictably, but still magically, each and every day, and we're not even going to throw down a "spoiler alert" in regards to that observation. And if you love animals, and adore seeing them at spots like the San Diego Zoo, then you can probably readily make another observation: Animals have a rather predictable way of going snoozy-snooze when our nearest star dips into the Pacific (poetically, of course, and not actually). But that doesn't mean that the San Diego Zoo hangs up the "See Ya Tomorrow" sign out front, at least during those warmer, stay-outside summer evenings. If you know Balboa-based bastion of beastie wonderment, then you know that there are whimsical and spirit-elevating ways to visit the...

NIGHTTIME ZOO... once summer is in full and fragrant flower. And the Nighttime Zoo, a nightly summer season event at San Diego Zoo, will bring the "special activities" and entertainment presentations to later-in-the-day visitors through Monday, Sept. 3, 2018. The annual festivity includes "... toe-tapping music, fascinating animal encounters, stilt walkers, exceptional acrobatic feats, and African-themed music, dance, and more." The Rock and Roar Band'll be rolling out the shake-your-stuff tunes and the "Wild About Animals" show brings the educational awesomeness to Wegeforth Bowl. So many other stop-and-see, stop-and-join-in doings'll dot the zoo's expansive grounds, but be sure to check out "Call of the Night," which begins on June 30. It's a "12-minute symphony" that's a swirl of fog, lasers, lights, and other dazzling elements at Hua Mei Plaza.

AS FOR THE EATS END OF THINGS? Make for Albert's Restaurant in Lost Forest for those after-sundown noshes you need. All of the prices, times, and roar-able details on this summertime staple are shining as brightly as the moon over at the San Diego Zoo site.

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