Runway Report: Rodarte

Los Angeles—and all its resident kooks—was the all-encompassing inspiration for Rodarte's latest showing.

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The finale at Rodarte during New York Fashion Week.
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Rodarte designers Laura and Kate Mulleavy explored childhood associations with Los Angeles for a collection that was part '80s rocker, part skater girl and part "Beverly Hills 90210."
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While it felt like the sisters were having fun—try not doing a twirl in those long fringed skirts—the collection felt uncharacteristically disjointed, at times even random.
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That doesn't mean, of course, that there weren't a few stunners in the mix. The Mulleavy sisters know their evening wear, and we can imagine a songstress like Rhianna rocking this satin cocktail dress featuring sheer panels and entwined with a scorpion applique.
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Something about the metallic tiger bralet and fringe-draped leopard skirt reminded us of a high-fashion Pebbles from the Flintstones.
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Fringing worked better when drawing attention to Rodarte's expert tailoring, here highlighting the contours of a black satin maxi skirt.
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There was something unmistakably '80s about the bold black-and-white check print on this flouncy ruffled halter and matching skirt.
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Ditto the cartoon-like curves on a strappy black and white cocktail dress, which extended into a swishy asymmetrical hem.
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Another raunchy leopard and black fringed look with tough black leather panels.
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The baseball hat has been an omnipresent accessory on and off the runways this season.
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Here the cap added a cheeky chola touch to an open plaid button-down, white bralet top and slashed pencil skirt.
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