Ricky Gervais Could Land on “Curb Your Enthusiasm”

Larry David is always pretty close-mouthed about his upcoming episodes, but heading into season 8 for "Curb Your Enthusiasm" we know at least one star he wants to bring on board -- comedian Ricky Gervais.

"I'd love to have him on," David said in a "Curb" conference call. "And I'm going to see if there's anything he's right for this year."

The two clearly have a strong mutual comedic respect for each other, and appeared as panelists on the "Marriage Ref" this year as well. For many "Curb" fans, this would be a good example of dream casting.

David's other big details for the upcoming "Curb" include a noteworthy a change of location. Half of  the season will be in New York for the first time.

While he wouldn't reveal any other plot lines (despite letting on that "shirtless men" in Santa Monica are really bothering him these days), David knows that he has plenty big shoes to fill from last year's "Seinfeld" instantly iconic reunion.

"It's daunting, thinking, 'How do you top that season?'" said David. "I don't know if we're going to top it, but we're going to have some funny shows."

For those who simply cannot wait that long, the TV Guide network will feature each of the episodes starting June 2. These episodes will also include celebrity panels discussing issues brought up in the episode.

"It's just talking about some of the issues raised on the show with a panel," said David. "It wasn't my idea, but I think it's terrific."

While this is the first time swears will be bleeped out, David says he's pleased that there will be not cuts from the HBO show despite moving to basic cable. As for the lack of swears: "You'd be surprised," he said. " It still plays really well."

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