Ridley Scott Claims New “Blade Runner” Will Be His Next Movie

It's not surprising that Ridley Scott has an itch to return to "Blade Runner" - it's the movie he never stopped making, in a sense. Between the Theatrical Cut, the Director's Cut, the Work Print Cut, the "Harrison and I Cut This One as a Goof After 12 Bacardi Shots" Cut, it's the movie he's never been happy with and can't stop picking at like a scab that won't heal.

The problem is, "Blade Runner's" bizarre imperfections are what make it such a classic. It's a weird, once in a lifetime kind of movie experience that you can't recreate because you have no idea how you put it together the first time. There were too many happy accidents (and unhappy accidents) that any attempt would seem flavorless and pale in comparison.

And yet, Scott can't let go. With rumors of remakes, reboots, sequels, prequels, and whatever floating around for years, he has finally stepped up and confirmed two things: 1) He intends a new "Blade Runner" to be his next movie and 2) it's "liable to be a sequel" (according to an interview with the Wall Street Journal).

Does this mean Harrison Ford will get a chance to half-assedly dust off yet another old character and begrudginly slog through a listless cash-in like he did a few years ago? Slow down. Scott goes on to say that the none of the "past cast" will be involved. When asked, "No Deckard?" the 74-year-old replied crytpically, "No, not really."

We'll leave it to the hardcore to find the interview tape and go over the "not really" like a Zapruder film ("His voice goes up slightly on 'really,' which would indicate that Deckard does appear in some form..."), and just say that this smacks of a bad idea. With no returning characters, it'll just be a movie that looks like "Blade Runner." Which, considering how thoroughly the original has been picked over since its release, will make it basically every sci-fi movie since "Blade Runner." 

So if you follow our logic (good for you), we think a Harrison Ford-less "Blade Runner" is a bad idea. We also think Harrison Ford returning to "Blade Runner" is a bad idea. In conclusion, a new "Blade Runner" is a bad idea. Period.

"Blade Runner" rumors? Time to die...

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