Ringo Starr: Hollywood Peace & Love Salute

The superstar will celebrate his birthday, among fans and supporters, at the Capitol Records building.

If you're a true fan of a musician or writer or performer, you may have wondered, if you ever ran into your idol, what you might do. Wave hello? Try out a classic high five? Or go for the ol' thumbs up? 

There are a lot of choices out there, when it comes to things you might do with your hand, but when it comes to spending a few minutes at Ringo Starr's annual birthday festivity, you've got one clear and heart-embiggening way to join the icon in something sweet: a peace sign.

For Mr. Starr traditionally marks his birthday in front of the Capitol Records building, in Hollywood, with his famous Peace & Love salute. It's the 10th anniversary of this celebration in 2017, and the musician will once again be out, in Tinseltown, to spread the message of togetherness, understanding, empathy, and connection.

You're invited to join on Friday, July 7. The salute happens right at noon, so get there early, for fans'll want to be there to wish Ringo a very happy 77th birthday.

As for the very generous guidelines for the Peace & Love salute? Number one is important: You don't have to be there, in Hollywood, at Capitol Records to join. People around the globe regularly pause and join in from afar.

Two? You don't even have to say it, if, say, you're on a crowded train; thinking it is encouraged, too. Though saying "Peace & Love" is always nice, wherever you happen to be.

And three? If you'd like to share the really sunshiny vibes on social media, as your way to participate and show Ringo some support in his ongoing, raise-the-vibe mission, the hashtag is #PeaceandLove.

Happy birthday, Ringo Starr!

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