Rob Reiner Assures Us, He Didn't Diss His Famous Dad in “Flipped”

Rob Reiner's new movie "Flipped" is set in the era when his father Carl Reiner was ruling CBS as the creator of "The Dick Van Dyke Show."

But Reiner chose to feature the NBC western Bonanza when showing a television onscreen in his movie.

No snub intended, Rob Reiner insists he didn't want to be too obvious with a nod to his father by showing his show.

"I thought that would be a little distracting to a certain audience," Reiner said at a press event for the film.

Besides, "Bonanza" also represented a massive cultural shift in America that came with NBC pushing color programming right about the time his love story, due out Aug. 6,  was set.  "'Bonanza' came out in color in 1963 and everyone watched it," said Reiner. "We needed the color."

Reiner assures us his father totally understands. And he did manage to get an homage to the "The Dick Van Dyke Show" in the movie that careful observers will catch. The fictional house in "Flipped" is on Bonnie Meadow Lane.

"On the 'Dick Van Dyke Show' they lived at 148 Bonnie Meadow Road. And in real life growing up in New Rochelle, New York, we lived at 48 Bonnie Meadow Road," said Reiner. "That's my little nod to my life."

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