Robbers: iPhones Only, Please

Robbers targeting Columbia University students take cash and iPhones, but they don't want any Android or BlackBerry smartphones.

The two New York City-based robbers are suspects in three different muggings, according to police, where they demanded students hand over iPhones. In at least one instance, a student handed over a Droid, which the suspect handed back and took cash instead. One student said she took offense the thieves didn't want her BlackBerry (but really, who does?)

Another student told NBC New York that the taking of iPhones only  "speaks to the resale value of the iPhone," and he's probably right. The black market for iPhones is probably much more lucrative -- mainly because Apple doesn't have fire sales on the iPhone like Android makers do.

For those who can't function without they iPhone, there seems to only be one course of action. If you are heading out for some holiday shopping, you may want to leave your iPhone 4S at home.

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